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Welcome to our biggest annual event, ASEAN Festival!

Thanks to the months of hard work by the leaders from each of the ASEAN countries’ student associations, we are able to organize this large annual event!

Just like the previous years, this ASEAN festival is organized by 9 ASEAN countries’ student association and 1 japanese student association. Interesting performance, asean country fashion show and delicious local delicacies will be prepared too!

Date: 10th October 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 1200-1800
Venue: Venue: 5th Floor Hall, Hollywood University of Beauty and Fashion, Roppongi Hills

1) Culture Performances
2) ASEAN Fashion Show
3) Delicious ASEAN Cuisine
4) Lucky draw with great prizes

Participating student associations:

  1. Vietnamese Youth and Student Association(VYSA)
  2. Thai Student’ Association in JApan(TSAJ)
  3. Singapore Students Association in Japan(SSAJ)
  4. Association of Filipino(AFSJ)
  5. Myanmar Youth and Student Association(MYSA)
  6. Malaysian Students’ Association in Japan(MSAJ)
  7. Laos Students Association in JApan(LSAJ
  8. Indonesia Students’ Association in Japan(ISAJ)
  9. Cambodia Student Association in Japan(CSAJ)
  10. Student Network For International Exchange(SNIE)


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