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ASEAN students in Japan from AYNJ participated in the Oguni-machi monitor tour last weekend!

Do you know Oguni in Yamagata? It is a small country town, located on the southwest end of the Yamagata Prefecture, located in the border of the Niigata Prefecture, located approximately midway point (about 80 kilometers, respectively) of Yamagata and Niigata City, the prefectural capital of both Prefecture.

We had so much fun at the snowy land! Join AYNJ now for more fun activities!

More information about Oguni-machi, Yamagata here » http://www.town.oguni.yamagata.jp/index.html

 Oguni-machi-Monitor-Tour-1 Oguni-machi-Monitor-Tour-12 Oguni-machi-Monitor-Tour-11 Oguni-machi-Monitor-Tour-10 Oguni-machi-Monitor-Tour-9 Oguni-machi-Monitor-Tour-8 Oguni-machi-Monitor-Tour-7 Oguni-machi-Monitor-Tour-6 Oguni-machi-Monitor-Tour-5 Oguni-machi-Monitor-Tour-4 Oguni-machi-Monitor-Tour-3 Oguni-machi-Monitor-Tour-2

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