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Thank you for showing interest in joining the Secretariat team of AYNJ!

It has been 9 years since the establishment of ASEAN Youth Network in Japan (AYNJ). It has been a challenging yet adventurous journey for everyone who has been involved with AYNJ over the years.

As new tides come every season, we from the AYNJ Secretariats must learn to ride the new waves of challenges- keeping ourselves focused and determined in growing even further as an organisation.

At this moment, AYNJ is in the phase of Reforming itself!

We, among the Secretariats are doing our best to improve the organisation’s structure, reviewing its method of operations, reevaluating our missions and visions, refashioning the design of AYNJ; and many more.

We look forward to reimagining a new, fresh and youthful AYNJ!

With that, we want you to join us! We need your help in rebuilding this organisation anew!


1) Type of participation: Volunteer (AYNJ is a non-profit & volunteer group)

2) Centre of operations: Tokyo

3) Language of operations: English and/or Japanese

4) AYNJ key annual events:

ASEAN Sports Festival / アセアンスポーツ大会
ASEAN Career Fair / 東南アジア留学生向けのジョブフェア
ASEAN Festival / アセアン・フェスティバル
ASEAN Academic Forum

5) AYNJ collaborative / side projects  & events:

ASEAN-Japan Music Festival / 日アセアン音楽祭
AYNJ Shookatsu Tea Party / AYNJ 就活茶会
Career Design Workshop with JICA / 未来創造塾 with JICA
Thai Festival / タイ・フェスティバル
アジアHOT プレス!
ASEAN 夢Dream Plan Presentation
ASEAN Kitchen / アセアン・キッチン
STeLA x AYNJ Leadership Workshop

6) Why should you join us?:

Good platform to unleash your potentials, and to try out fresh ideas
Experience in planning, executing and reviewing project/events
Improve your team management and leadership skills
Networking opportunities with motivated ASEAN & Japanese youth Japanese or international businessmen, entities that might become useful in your future career
Building long-lasting friendships with fellow ASEAN & Japanese youths

7) Requirements:

Have a deep interested in ASEAN-Japan culture
Passionate in supporting ASEAN youth in Japan
Enthusiastic in working in a team, leading a team to complete projects/organise events

8) Tasks/Responsibilities:

Be involved in at least 2 projects/events during 1 term (6 months)
Contribute to the projects/events responsibly

9) How to Apply? :

Download the application form from HERE
Fill in the application form whether in English or in Japanese.
Send an email with the “Secretariat Application” as the email subject to info@aynj.org.
Please make sure you attach the completed application form together with the email.
Optional: We recommend you to send in a resume/CV together with the email.
We are looking forward to working with you!

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